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Advantages Of The Whizzinator

The whizzinator is a product that is developed to look like the human genitalia such that it is used to carry fake urine which can then be passed onto the sample containers for testing at the lab. A whizzinator will ensure that you can relax and have great moments when you go out with your friends because you can still use a few drugs and alcohol because you will not be found guilty of using them when you use a whizzinator. There are reasons why you should buy a whizzinator and use it to provide a fake urine sample to the health officers who come to do tests at the office so that you can avoid any problems after spending recreational time with friends using drugs.

The first advantage of the whizzinator is that it is designed to have a slender shape which allows it to be put inside the inner clothing without creating an obvious shape that can be noticed by the people collecting the urine samples. The lack of extra parts on the whizzinator to create attention means that you can go ahead and confidently pass the fake urine into the collection container that is labeled for testing without being nervous of being found out.

Secondly, the whizzinator is made such that it has the shape of the manhood and you can hold it as if you are urinating while you squeeze it to release the fake urine into the collecting container that can then be taken to the lab for tests to be done. The outside of the extended part looking a manhood consists of special material that reacts by creating pressure when squeezed such that it makes the urine-like fluid in the storage place to be pushed into the container that will collect the sample to be taken to the testing lab.

Thirdly, the whizzinator you purchase will come with a storage location on it where the fake urine is kept the entire time until the point where the people who are to take the samples for testing come in so that you pass it into the container. The place, where the urine is stored, has features that make it possible for the urine to be kept at a warm temperature so that it cannot raise suspicion by getting cold because normal urine is always warm.

Lastly, using the whizzinator will ensure that you stay away from trouble when you know that have you have used some recreational drugs that are banned at your place of work because you can give a fake urine sample that will show your blood is clean. When you have used some drugs in a party, you can avoid getting caught at work by using the whizzinator so that you do not get sacked.

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