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Top 7 Benefits of Bunded Fuel Tanks

When storing and transferring fuels is a need in you business, the technology called bunded tanks might be fit you best. Generally speaking, the major feature of this system involves the protective feature that are absent in most regular fuel storage tanks out there.

Before you decide to buy the so-called tank within a tank (bunded), it is good to know first its advantages. Below are the seven benefits of bunded fuel tanks that we can offer to you.

Legal Compliance

It is a common knowledge that fuels can be hazardous to the environment that is why the government in many countries emphasizes the proper storage of fuels. The eye of compliance assessment team are even far more strict to those companies that require 200 liters of fuel storage. The good news is, bunded varieties of fuel tanks live up with the policies set up by the governing bodies.

Overall Safety of the People and the Environment
Fuel leaks should never happen for it poses great risk to health and the environment. As compared to regular tanks, it contains double layer of protection from possible leakage, thereby protecting the inhabitants in a given environment.


Toughness is a major thing for bunded fuel tanks. It can endure the test of time, lasting for more than 2 decades with the right maintenance.

4. Maintenance of Fuel Quality

We mentioned that bunded fuel tanks are durable and while it would stay that way, it also preserves the fuel quality stored in it even for a long period of time. For this reason, you can satisfy your clients by the high quality you can provide for them.

An Option to Keep Fuels Secured

Fuels are convertible to cash and because of this fact, a lot of thieves are interested on it. The bunded types have great security system; not easily drilled and contains a hatch that can be locked. Definetly, fuel security is ensured thereby securing your investments as well.

Availability of Various Designs

One more great feature about the bunded fuel tanks is you can always pick or have your own design. Whether it’s underground tank, free-standing, or anything; surely you can personalized it based on your preferences.

7. It’s a Money-saving Option

Your capacity to save money can be explain on the durable nature of bunded tanks. Essentially, you don’t have to go through constant repairs or replacement of your tanks for it is durable enough to withstand damaging factors. In addition to that, the self bunded fuel tanks offer large saving capacity mainly due to the fact that specialist who works on creating exterior bunds may not be required in majority of situations.

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